hypotesis on ageing

John de Rivaz John at longevb.demon.co.uk
Wed Dec 13 09:37:22 EST 1995

I am also interested in this possibility. In fact I take it further. Could 
some of the diseases associated with ageing be the after effects of 
apparently self limiting viral attacks throughout life? 

For example, maybe that attack of viral enteritis could lead to stomach or 
bowel cancer twenty or thirty years later. Maybe it only works if you have 
the right genes, so everyone who gets that strain of enteritis doesn't also 
get stomach cancer.

Possibly those who smoke their lungs will only get cancer if they are also 
given certain cold or influenza infections.

In article: <4afkt3$2jla at venere.inet.it>  valentino at peg.it (valentino) 
> I belive that ageing is caused by viruses consedered harmless.
> I'm trying to compose an hypotesis substaining that it's caused by 
> viruses. 
> Any information could be useful, so if you've got material about that, 
> please post me it...Even if it's aganist my hypotesis. 
> send it to Valentino at peg.it
> ...please do not send simple comments!
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