Melatonin experiences

Gisela Hoschek hoschek at JEEVES.UCSD.EDU
Mon Dec 18 15:12:44 EST 1995

    My first experience I took 3mg which had a vitamin B-6 supplement.
After waking up the next morning, I experienced the light headedness I
associate with jet lag, but nothing as serious as prolonged nausea,
which I would associated with serious drug side effects.  What first
time experiences do any of you have out there?  How did you adjust the
dosage, or did you stop taking the hormone?


I couldn't fall asleep after taking 2.5 mg + B-6, and when I finally did I
suffered bad dreams.
I lowered the dose to 1/8 (now about 0.3 mgs + B-6). I don't feel any
effect, also not any inducement of sleep.


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