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> >Our DHEA is NOT an extract from the wild (Mexican, Peruvian or
> >African) yam. It is NOT the herbal extract called Dioscorea. It
> >does NOT contain the various plant-based sterols which supposedly
> >can be metabolized into pregnenolone and other steroids. 
> >
> >Regards,
> >David

> David:
> Then what is it from? I have been recieving mine from a pharmacia, in
> TX. It is a very powerful tool....They told me that theirs was a
> hormone derived product, (I obtained a rx for it from my MD). Any 
> info would be appreciated.
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> 'any road will lead to enlightenment, 
> and enlightenment is then; embracing all roads.'

So, my question is: what does it do for you and how do you feel since
you've been on it?

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