Psyllium Dangers?

Sunil Khemaney syama at
Fri Dec 29 02:03:57 EST 1995

I've heard that psyllium is not advised (especially for people
with chemical sensitivities) and I'm wondering if anyone knows
how true the following comments are about psyllium use and
whether using it for roughage say 2 or so times a week would
produce the following reactions:

Psyllium causes inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.  It
gets into the cells and activates it so that the body produces an
immunological radical reaction which causes astronomical titers.
People get sensitized to psyllium.  Even people who just handle
it (like nurses and doctors) get a violent immunological
reaction.  It produces a very high degree of antibodies as the
body reacts to it (titers goes way up).  If too many antibodies
are produced, it can affect the kidney glomuerial filtering unit. 
It produces hormonal effects because hormones are flushed out. 
The reason it causes water to be brought into the gut is because
the body is trying to inactivate the material.

Any comments are much appreciated.

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