A question about melatonin

Paul Kronfield geoprobe at ghgcorp.com
Fri Dec 29 08:09:22 EST 1995

Bryan Hoff wrote:
> Hi Everyone
> I was just wondering if anyone new anything about the 'Source Naturals' brand
> of melatonin: specifically, if it's any good?  Also, does anyone know of adverse
> effects of using melatonin while on Prozac?
> I have been taking this brand (1.5mg nightly) for over 3 months.  I have 
had no problems.  I understand others have, however, and I think I will 
try the "Life Extension" brand when I am out of my present supply.  Life 
Extension does not add the B-6.  I know someone on a similar drug to 
Prozac who is having no ill effects with melatonin.

Paul Kronfield
Houston, Texas, USA
geoprobe at ghgcorp.com

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