DHEA legal to purchase in U.S.A?

Harlan Hoffman harlan2 at ix.netcom.com
Sat Dec 30 09:39:37 EST 1995

In <4bsmoe$ork at cloner3.netcom.com> tiburon9 at ix.netcom.com(Michael
Behlen ) writes: 
>     I phoned several health food stores and inquired about DHEA.
>     I was informed that this product is not legal to purchase without
>     a doctors prescription.  I see notices on this usenet offering
>     to sell DHEA.  Why can they offer DHEA, but I can not get it a
>     a local health food store?    
>     Mike
It is againsst the law, and they're taking a risk. For some of the
poeople, it is a matter of willing to stand up for their own
principles; of learning how to heal themselves, and extend their lives,
or perhaps to increase the quality of their lives. The reasson it's
against the law, is probably more a matter of the gov'ts' so-called
obligation to protect us from ourselves. It's what we have voted and
produced for ourselves, because we are the gov't. Hope this helps, I
went to my Dr. got a pres. for DHEA, and sent away for some. I think it
is a very very  helpful healing tool, when it is not abused.
'any road will lead to enlightenment, 
and enlightenment is then; embracing all roads.'

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