DHEA legal to purchase in U.S.A?

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Sat Dec 30 22:00:55 EST 1995

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> >     I phoned several health food stores and inquired about DHEA.
> >     I was informed that this product is not legal to purchase without
> >     a doctors prescription. 

> It is againsst the law, and they're taking a risk. 

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> DHEA is a presciption drug.

I recently called Life Extension Products and was able to order the real
thing without any problem, I am more inclined to believe R. Keys in his
recent post here.

>                         by Ronald B. Keys, JD, PhD 
>                              November 26, 1995 
>      DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a nutritional  supplement and 
> may be sold over the counter or by mail without a prescription. 
> Technically, since DHEA is manufactured by the body through the 
> adrenal glands, testes and ovaries from food, it is classified as a 
> nutritional supplement. While it is not a drug, it may still  be prescribed.

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