cell-death meeting

LOCKSHIN, RICHARD A YPRLBIO at sjumusic.stjohns.edu
Mon Jul 10 06:55:47 EST 1995

you just missed a gordon conference on cell death.  There are
a few commercially-sponsored meetings that crop up now and then,
especially in the west, such as the one currently advertized that
will be in Pittsburgh (look at cellbiol if it isn't here).  I doubt
that they will be as informative.  Watch in the areas of immunology,
including AIDS groups, cancer, and neurology.  Also, since you have
a Canadian address, there is a large group at the NRC Ottawa that
may sponsor a meeting.
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In article <v01510100ac21ce5c91b2@[]> shah at RESUNIX.RI.SICKKIDS.ON.CA writes:
>I am a PhD graduate student in yeast genetics and very close to graduation.
>I have decided that I would like to pursue the field of programmed cell
>death for my Post Doc and hopefully future career.  I would love to be able
>to go to a cell-death meeting this year to familiarize myself with the
>field and get to know the people in the field.  I know that there is a Cold
>Spring Harbour meeting coming in September, but I am told that it would be
>difficult to attend the meeting since I don't belong to a cell-death lab.
>Do you have any advice for me as to how I can attend this meeting, whether
>there are any other meeting that I might go to that is not as restricted
>and equally informative.  I thank you in advance for your help and
>shah at resunix.ri.sickkids.on.ca

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