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Mon Jul 10 01:35:04 EST 1995


Announcing the first and only "interactive" electronic on-line newspaper for
professionals in the food and beverage industry - "FoodCom News."
Now any professional working in or servicing the food and beverage industry
world-wide may contribute news, information and articles to this on-line
newspaper -- at no cost -- simply by sending email via the Internet to
foodcomnews at  Members of the FoodCom* On-line Service may also
submit articles via FoodCom email.

This unique new service permits the world-wide members of the FoodCom On-line
Service to read an article and then reply directly to the author of the
article via email -- no matter where in the Internet world the article
originated.  This makes it easy for the reader to request more information,
and convenient for the author of the article to develop new business
relationships world-wide via electronic mail.  FoodCom members can even use
FoodCom's powerful search capabilities to "read" FoodCom News and create
their own custom newspaper by automatically gathering those articles of
specific interest.


Use "FoodCom News" to publish news and information about yourself, your
company or anything you believe is newsworthy to the food and beverage

Here are some ideas for how to use "FoodCom News."
* Announce your membership at FoodCom and tell how you would like to use
FoodCom to communicate and do business with the industry.
* Build awareness of your Internet email addresses or World Wide Web site
among professionals in the food and beverage industry. 
* Publish an article about food and beverage trends.
* Make the food industry aware of an upcoming convention, seminar or event.
* Introduce new products and services.
* Report organizational changes.
* Publish an article about your services and products.
* Post messages about employment opportunities or seek career advancement.

The possibilities are endless to how you can use this opportunity to keep
FoodCom members well informed.


If you, or someone you know, would like to submit an article to "FoodCom
News" via the Internet, simply send your article as an email message and
address it to: foodcomnews at

Hints & tips:
1) Write a short, yet clear topic description in the subject line of your
email heading.  Try to stay within 25 characters.
2) Check for spelling.
3) Ask for readers to reply via email or take some kind of action.
4) Be sure to include in your article any information about how to contact
you or your company.

Articles submitted to "FoodCom News" are first read by FoodCom System
Operators and then approved for public viewing.  This is done to screen-out
any irrelevant electronic "junk mail" -- a necessary step as "FoodCom News"
is open to any user of the Internet.  Announcements and articles sent and
approved will be published as submitted.  In one to two business days you
will receive an email confirmation from FoodCom that your article has been
published in "FoodCom News."

We look forward to your contributions to "FoodCom News" and hope you find it
a valuable means of keeping the food and beverage industry informed.  

If you have any questions or comments, or would like more information about
FoodCom, please contact us at:
Email:  info at
Ph:  (415) 637-8319
Fax: (415) 637-7751

See you on-line,

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