Mon Jul 10 09:57:19 EST 1995

I have been on this net for a couple weeks and, now that I have read 
some mail, woyld like to post two questions for the group.

1.  Is there anyone else on the net that teaches a biology of aging 
course?  I am teaching a class I developed for Indiana University 
called "Biological Aspects of Aging" and I really enjoy it.  I was 
curious what others are using for texts (I use the book by DiGiovanna 
of Salibury State) and how you might cover various topics.  Any 
comments would be welcome.

2.  I was at a meeting about animal care and a fellow from Washington 
that works with a NIH search group or something (I lost references) 
said that Medline only covers about half of what is published.  I do 
go out to decubitus ulcer meetings (although not that much recently 
due to the sponsoring company wanting to go in other directions) and 
talk on the aging of the skin and immune system.  I also add in info 
on ulcers and burns in the older person----all related to skin aging.
Wanting to keep my material up-to-date, my question is what is the 
"other half" and how do I access it?

Thanks for the info.

DR. Tim Stabler
Department of Biology
Indiana University Northwest
Gary, Indiana 46408


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