DHEA's effects on aging

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I was recently introduced to several very interesting articles about
DHEA, and would like to share them with you.

Excerpt From: The New England Journal of Medicine, no date

"Scientists are wondering whether they may have at last found the root
cause of aging itself.  Provoking intense excitement among longevity
researchers is a new report from California on a steroid called DHEA
(dehydroepiandrosterone) that appears to reduce the risk of heart
"In a study of 242 men over age 50, researcher Elizabeth Barrett-Connor
at the University of California at San Diego found that those with high
levels of DHEA in their blood were only half as likely to die of heart
disease as those with relatively little of the hormone. Even with
people without heart disease, DHEA seems to protect against early
"On its own, that's good news. But coming as it does after reports that
taking DHEA can prevent or ease a variety of other ills, it may be the
strongest evidence yet that a single hormone plays a central role in
maintaining human health." 

Excerpt From: LIFE magazine, October, 1992

     Nature believes in overkill.  Determined to ensure our survival
until we can reproduce, nature has crammed the human organism with
backup systems.  One of the most effective is DHEA (short for
dehydroepiandrosterone), an adrenal hormone that, much like human
growth hormone, floods the body while we're young and has various
powerful beneficial effects on the human system.
     As we enter out thirties, production of DHEA begins to ebb.  At
50, most people secrete only 30 percent of what they produced when they
were young, and the loss can trigger catastrophes. A DHEA deficiency
can increase the risk of breast cancer in women and heart attacks in
     But Dr. Arthur Schwarts, 51, a Temple University biologist and
leading U.S. autrhority on the hormone, reports that in laboratory
animals high dose DHEA feedings reduce body fat by one third, prevent
atherosclerosis, alleviate diabetes, reduce the risk of cancer, enhance
the immune response, inhibit the development of certain autoimmune
diseases and extend the bnormal life span of mice by 20 percent. 

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