ACAM fall convention announcement

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Sat Jul 22 12:28:33 EST 1995

American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) will hold its fall
convention at Colorado Springs, Colorado on November 2-5 1995.
Along with Chelation therapy workshop be held on Nov 1-2 1995.

The theme of this convention will be:


Following are some of the confirmed speakers and topics

Jeffery Bland, PhD
Physiological Oxidation/Reduction and its Relationship
to Biological Aging.

Jeffery Blumberg, PhD
Recent Advances in Nutrition and Aging Research: Antioxidants,
Calcium and other nutrients.

LeoGalland, MD
The aging gut

Richard A. Kunin MD
Copper balance and aging

Simin Meydani, DVM, PhD
Vit B6 and E, and Immune function in the elderly.

Richard Passwater, PhD
Synergistic Approaches to reducing oxidative and Glycosylation
damage reactions of the aging process.

....and much more.

Any questions or registration(discount apply to member and advance 
registrant, before Oct 2). Please contact

23121 Verdugo Dr. Suite 204
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Tel: 800-532-3688  or 714-583-7666
John Lin     *** Save the planet, save the world ! ***

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John Lin     *** Save the planet, save the world ! ***

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