Melatonin Dosage II

Morten Gale mortgale at
Mon Jul 24 14:07:26 EST 1995

In an earlier post I asked for information on the appropriate dosage for using 
melatonin as an aid for sleep and  antiaging.

I received two email responses which I want to share with others who may have 
seen the first posting. (Because they were email responses, I won't identify 
them since I don't know if that is their desire.)

A 40 y/o said that she takes 3mg about a half hour before going to bed. This 
is consistent with what I found from a second source, who offered the 

<There's a new book called "Staying Young The Melatonin Way" by Steven J. Bock 
and Michael Boyette (Dutton Signet). It's excerpted in "Longevity" magazine 
for August 1995.>

I found both the book ($18.95) and the magazine ($2.99) at a local Dalton's 
Book Store. Both were exceptionally informative with respect to current 
understandings of the effects of melatonin. The magazine article carries most 
of the information that's in the book. I feel much better informed after 
reading these sources. 

The second email response to my post also suggested other sources of Net 
advice on aging and related topics. These other sources were as follows:

Newsgroups:;; and 
WWW Sites:;; and

I want to thank those two respondants to my post, and I hope that they don't 
mind my sharing their information with others in this newsgroup.

Mort Gale.

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