"Black box" kills old people?

Floyd_-_Meyer at cup.portal.com Floyd_-_Meyer at cup.portal.com
Sat Jun 17 11:20:04 EST 1995

    Could aging be from lack of intake. If we lost vitamin C we would all 
get scurvy and think it was normal. I suggest that after an extinction
the earths magnetic field was moving as much as 200,000 times as fast as
is now. It is now moving in a easterly direction at the rate of one
revolution faster than the crust every 2,000 years.

   This ongoing, non reversing moving magnetic field could have supplied 
the energy for origin of life and chirality. It would also force
negative water vapor high to forma band of ice crystals around the earth.

    this band of ice crystals would procect living things from solar
radiation and be broken up to release oxygen and hydrogen. The oxygen 
the oxygen stayed and the hydrogen escaped.

   During this time evolution bloomed and molecules were made that are no
longer available. Aging could be one or more intake ailments due to these 
missing molecules.

    When the movement between the crust and the magnetic field slowed,
the ice crystals fell in and caused the flood. We now have , mostly,
stopped evolving and are actually degenerating. Waiting on the next
meteor impact to stir things up.


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