"Black box" kills old people?

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John de Rivaz (John at longevb.demon.co.uk) wrote:
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: Sandle) writes:
: > Wouldn't death occur at a time governed by the hormones the same way a boy
: > loses his high voice is governed?
: > 
: But sometimes these hormones don't work and a boy doesn't turn into a man. 
: However such people still die of old age.
Yes, but think in terms of the whole picture including the 
thymic hormones. The thymus is no longer thought of as only 
related to  youth, though it does reduce at puberty.
: Once could suggest that different hormones create old age. But if this is so
: why isn't there occasionally a deficiency disorder that prevents this 
: happening, just as in the boy/man transformation?
Or lack of the hormones - the switching off of the control 
: If there was only one biological system in this universe that isn't subject 
: to occasional failure, then that would have profound scientific, 
: philosophical and theological implications.
My point, or rather my question, is asking whether death might 
be timetabled like puberty, menopause etc, by some body clock. 
It might be possible to postpone death, as it is possible to 
block sexual maturation, but would it be a whole and healthy 
thing to do?
Puberty is getting earlier, possibly with extended lighting 
hours from electric light, and this produces problems for 
some. Postponing death beyond the normal year ratios of other 
mammals for gestation:puberty:menopause:death when they are 
unstressed for food and light etc not over calorie supplied or 
restricted, may be illogical.
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