'Promote Life Extension'

Don Ashley dashley at TENET.EDU
Wed Mar 1 07:11:00 EST 1995

Would welcome suggestions about promoting life extension, as mentioned in 
your message below.

On 28 Feb 1995, Ronald B. Keys J.D. Ph.D wrote:

> Dear John, EBB Moderator and Interested Others, 
> You don't have to be a psychoanalyst to realize that the following
> paragraph still constitutes unnecessary "lawyer bashing" and has no place
> in a forum to promote life extension.  This is a biology oriented EBB to
> promote the concerns of all of us for long, healthy and functional lives. 
> All of you out there constitute the jury of public opinion in this debate. 
> What is your verdict?  Do people that write like this below deserve to have
> material like this published? 
> "Because we the people pay lawyers more then biochemists, we are primarily
> to blame for the fact that there are more lawyers denying us freedom then
> there are biochemists curing our diseases". 
> Hate and  prejudice against any group of people (lawyers, too) is also a
> disease, a disease of the spirit. 
> I say, lets hug John instead of throwing him out. John, you 're OK.  You
> just need more balance and less scape-goating--And start talking about how
> we are going to   promote life extension in a thousand different positive
> ways  by setting a good example,  really educating the public and our
> representatives in Congress. 
> "He drew a circle that shut me out, 
> heretic, rebel, a thing to flout, 
> But love and I had the wit to win,  
> We drew a circle that took him in. 
> Edwin Markham---"The Outwitted" 
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