Lawyers To The Rescue

Don Ashley dashley at TENET.EDU
Wed Mar 1 00:10:30 EST 1995

My apologies for any bashing implied.  It is easy for me to spot the 
prejudice in others, but my own stereotyping of occupational groups 
shamefully surfaces in inappropriate conversations.  I just negate myself 
when I devalue groups without indivuation.


Can you help us with suggestions about how we can take action to promote 
research (funding and investing) for the advancement of genetic 
anti-aging research; specifically immortality studies?

With your expertise, you can outline efficient political strategy for 
those of us who don't want to go back and study genetics and 
biochemistry.  We are not interested, however, in sitting around and waiting 
for others to determine our destiny.

This is a long shot that is as controversial as it is revolutionary. 
Consider, though, the benefits for mankind when a breakthrough surfaces. 


On 26 Feb 1995, Ronald B. Keys J.D. Ph.D wrote:

> Gentlemen, 
> Is it really necessary to bash lawyers, here? Some lawyers are even very
> nice and like myself, have been a member of the Life Extension Foundation
> since 1983.  I publish as a public advocate as well as a clinician
> counseling professional on this and a number of other biology-related
> databases. And my material is on patient assessment, molecular biology and
> metabolic pathways, not pathways to the courtroom.  Lets stop lumping and
> generalizing and getting negative or you are just going to turn people off.
>  Be professional and act like menschen. 
> >From the cutting edge,  
> Ronald B. Keys, JD, PhD (rkeysphd at 
> National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys 
> American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine 
> American Academy of Clinical Gerontology 
> International Association of Biomedical Gerontology 
> American Aging Association 
> Life Extension Foundation 
> Professional Mediator 

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