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Date: Tue, 28 Feb 1995 22:41:16 -0600 (CST)
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Subject: Collective Efforts For Research


We have a group called The Curing Old Age Disease Society (COADS) with 
objectives that you mention.  Strategically, we avoid product endorsement 
and focus on public awareness and funds generation for research.

Our annual banquet in September will promote these objectives. We have 
budget to pay honorarium to attract a high draw speaker to Houston as 
keynote presenter.

Our president and COADS have been featured in local and national media.

Resistance is challenging.  

We plan to initiate essay contests, and sponsor debates on the issues.  
We are approaching figureheads in various industries to participate as 
sponsors or judges for the contests and banquet.  Funds and proceeds are 
targeted for research and public awareness.

Our status is grass roots.  We need ideas and energy.  (And certainly 
funds to operate).   

Whatever your efforts are in your community, we would like very much to 
combine efforts with you for maximum effect toward common objectives.

Happy to send you literature and video entitled "Care To Live An Extra 
100 Years" at your request.

At this point, part of our strategy is to identify politicians who may be 
favorable to these objectives as well as private sector leaders.

Since some movement has already been made, we would like to determine 
what rationale was convincing enough to enact funding and expand on that 
rationale.  Specifically, there have been decisions made at the committee 
and legislative level to invest venture capital and to direct public funding 
for genetic anti-aging (immortality) research. 

Suppression of research and technology has been claimed, but specifics 
 and evidence of such are not available.  Other than the general public 
attitude of fear, disbelief, and negativity.

Compiling favorable media representatives is necessary and if you read or
view any public figures who are friendly to these concerns, we need to
contact them.  We also need to enlist any other influential or publicly
known people.

Most importantly, those of us in the general public who want to get
involved in the leg work should be given the opportunity. There is much 
work to be done (it certainly doesn't have to be unpleasant work) for 
people of all talents and energies. 

We all stand to benefit from the process as well as the result.

Don Ashley

On Fri, 24 Feb 1995, oracle oracle wrote:

> Don,
> I have been following your posts to Bionet.molbio.ageing.  I share your belief that controling the ageing process and extending our lifespans is indeed possible.  I would go as far as to say that it is inevitable.  My immediate concern is, of course, can it be accomplished before I grow old and die.  I am 34 years old so I probably have 40 or so years in which to make something happen.
> I fear we are ahead of our time in our beliefs. It may take too many years for the social, political, and religious climate to be right to properly fund and mobilize the resources necessary to reach our goal.  Our only hope is to begin now actively creating the environment in which it can happen.
> We must plan and organize.  Right now there are probably few who believe as we do, yet there is so much that must be done.  Coordinating scientific efforts, reducing redundant research, attaining public and private funding, educating the public, combatting inevitable religious opposition, promoting global cooperation, enlisting influential individuals and organizations, etc.  Like a polital campaign we must find support where we can, and unceasingly promote our agenda.
> I hope to hear back from you soon to discuss how we can cooperate.  My phone number is (914) 644 2811.  My e-mail address is oracle at
> Owen McGettrick

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