Aging Cure and Population Stability

Robert Coucher coucher at
Thu Mar 2 19:59:06 EST 1995


I'm no expert on Chaos Theory, but I am somewhat acquainted with it...I've
never seen any element of same which leads to your conclusion
below...Could you please provide specific references within this body of
theory (authors, biblo, formulae, etc.) which support this interesting
conclusion...How did you come up with this assertion, please?

Also, I think there are currently legitimate theories that the universe
may be put together such that it will expand forever at an ever decreasing
rate (contingent of course on the right mix of wimps, machos, cold
dark/hot dark matter and a bunch of other stuff).  If these theories pan
out, which of course they may not, then, wouldn't that be perpetual
motion?  If so, not so stupid, eh?

>Chaos theory shows us that the idea of government controlling anything
>successfully is rather like the idea of perpetual motion - stupid.

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