Attitudes to life extension via genetic engineering

Rodrigo Delajara rdelajar at
Sat Mar 4 23:38:24 EST 1995

	I thought it would be fun to put this idea into the mix:
	Wouldn't it be an effective, world-saving, or at least a
world-improving action to genetically engineer future humans with better
frontal lobes?  If I remember correctly, the frontal lobes are where the
feelings of compassion, justice, and general future-planning are located. 
Human evolution has given us better frontal lobes than all other animals
(except dolphins and whales?) and this allows us to have our highly
cooperative social structures and family units.  There are distinct
evolutionary advantages to selflessness and future-planning.  But as
history and the present clearly shows, well developed frontal-lobes are
not an universal human trait (eg. some mammals such as dogs seem to have
better developed frontal lobes than Hitler, ditto-heads ;) etc.) Also,
history shows that simple environmental efforts to change things have
failed (eg. Communism.)  Shouldn't genetic engineering be used to solve
this problem?
	We know next to nothing about brain structure and even less about
genetic coding of brain structure and so many problems like genetic life
extension may therefore be solved even before this one.  Shouldn't we get
cracking on this problem soon so that it will help to alleviate the
problems that life extension and normal overpopulation will cause?

	What do you think?

Rodrigo de la Jara
rdelajar at

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