Reversible Innoculations/Vasectomies

Don Ashley dashley at TENET.EDU
Mon Mar 6 07:59:02 EST 1995

On 1 Mar 1995, Chris421 wrote:

> Hold on there.  The population trend (unbridled escalation) does put
> humanity in an awkward position.  But before anyone starts murdering
> billions consider this.  Instead of engineering a virus that fills the
> graveyards, how bout targeting the genital tract.  If such a facility

Reversible contraceptive innoculations and reversible vasectomies are in 
the make.  That will reduce the # of pregnancies that are unwanted.
It is reported that at least 1/2 of all pg's are not planned or wanted.

> exists where by Red Deathes can be conjured up in 30 minutes or less,
> surely it could spare a few extra computer cycles to produce a kinder,
> gentler strain to decimate humankind (or at least future HK).  A global
> sterilization...Imbued with a great freedom--an un-legacy if you will,
> allowing yet another bio-anomaly (that had it coming) to be swept up under
> the mat of evolution???  Err..maybe not, but imagine all the wondrous
> exercises in & of futility :)
> Perry E. Metzger (perry at wrote: 
> : In article <Pine.SOL.3.91.950214212319.18448A-100000 at corona> Patrick O'Neil <patrick at corona> writes:
> : >> Drexler's ideas suggest a future of boundless wealth, opportunity and
> : >> adventure, not for a few billion, but for trillions. Drexler's science
> : >I know of his fantasies.
> : Fantasies? I'm afraid that you don't seem to have a rational viewpoint
> : here. Drexler's work is, sorry to say for you, a reality. STMs have
> : already been used to nanoposition individual atoms. Genetic
> : engineering already produces perfect macromolecules to nearly to
> : specification. One or the other of these technologies will lead us to
> : nanotech within fifty years at most. However, I find the fact that you
> : are an evil individual on a Hitlerian scale far more disturbing than
> : your ignorance. You said:
> : >I would just as soon engineer a virus strain that is aerosol 
> : >transmissible, perhaps a hemmorhagic flu, in order to correct the 
> : >population bomb downward towards the 2 to 3 billion mark than live in 
> : >utter muck with trillions.
> : How dare you plot the deaths of billions of people? You are the lowest
> : form of scum on the planet. Does the suffering and murder of literally
> : billions of people not even phase you? Or are you simply one of those
> : disgusting lefty amoralists that thinks that mass murder is okay so
> : long as its for the good of the cause -- Pol Pot being one of your
> : fellow travelers.
> : I assure you that were I in the room with you right now, and if I
> : thought that you were seriously able to carry out your threat, I would
> : have no hesitation whatsoever about killing you in self defense. I do
> : not care to see the deaths or suffering of all those I hold dear so
> : that a creature like you can feel good about the planet being empty.
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