Expensive Urine?

Patrick O'Neil patrick at corona
Thu Mar 9 00:32:10 EST 1995

On 8 Mar 1995, SForsgren wrote:
> I have often wondered what makes urine turn yellow when taking mega-doses
> of vitamin supplements.  Are all vitamins candidates for turning urine
> yellow or only specific ones?  My friend at work also notices variations
> in urine color by day.  Does this indicate that some days she was more
> deficient (in reference to vitamins only - ha ) than others?

Urine coloration is not merely an indicator of vitamin deficiency (or 
oversufeciency).  Vitamin B complexes are really good at urine 
coloration:  they are water soluble and the excess is peed away - excess 
vitamin C is colorless when you pass it through the bladder.  

In the military, an instruction from survival school is to keep an eye on 
the color of your urine.  The darker it is, the more dehydrated you are 
(and the more pungent the scent).  Your friend may simply not be drinking 
enough water throughout the day so that urine color varies with hydration.


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