Young/Old Cells, What Changes?

Robert Luly luly at
Fri Mar 10 17:22:51 EST 1995

Bob Walsh (walshb at wrote:
: Bob Walsh (walshb at wrote:
: : ... do the follicle cells for a grey hair have the
: : same DNA as the follicle cells for a normally pigmented hair taken
: : from the same individual on the same day?

: Following up on my own question:
: "Hair pigment is made by melanocytes at the base of the hair follicle
: ....  Gray or white hair results from a decrease in melanin production
: (mediated by delayed-action genes) and the replacement of melanin by
: air bubbles in the hair shaft."  Elaine N. Marieb, Human Anatomy and
: Physiology, 1992.  No futher discussion or references given there
: on "delayed-action genes."

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Even if cell types are made with the same genes, maybe all cells don't 
progress at the same rate.??

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