apoptosis detection by various kits???

Inst. for Biochemistry dh7y at pop.th-darmstadt.de
Fri Mar 10 09:48:24 EST 1995

I'm trying to detect apoptosis by the Terminale-Transferase-
For detection I'm using biotinylated dUTP and streptavidin-
peroxidase with DAB (Diaminobenzidine).

Using flow-cytometry I know the samples are apoptotic, but I can't see 
it with the dye. But in the future I' ll be forced to use it, as I'm 
going to work with lower cell-densities.

Is anybody working with apop-kits or something similar and can give me
any hints, especially concerning a non fluorescent dye.

Thanks for your answers!

			dirk kaiser

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