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Joyce Post, Phila. Geriatric Center post at
Mon May 1 16:25:06 EST 1995

Excuse me for sending my request directly to the list instead of to the
listserv.  I have tried sending LISTSERV at DARESBURY.AC.UK my request to
subscribe to Ageing and receive an unknown message.
I would like to have the correct information confirmed so I can add it
to the 3rd major revision of my Internet and E-Mail Resources on Aging
that I working on this week.
This is a major listing of such resources.  You can find it mentioned on p. 10
of the May 1995 issue of the "Gerontology News" of the Gerontological
Society of America.
I hope to hear from you real soon.  Thank you very much.

Joyce A. Post, Librarian
Philadelphia Geriatric Center
5301 Old York Road
Philadelphia, PA 19141
(215) 456-2971 (phone)
(215) 456-2017 (fax)
post at (Internet)

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