NYC Area Cell Death Club

Tue May 2 11:07:12 EST 1995

NYC Area Cell Death Club (Death Poets' Society)
Next meeting:  Wednesday May 31, 1995 7-8:30 PM
Rockefeller University, 1230 York Ave., Tower Bldg Room 301
Free Parking after 5PM at 66th St. & York Ave (Please
carpool as parking space is limited

1.  Yuri Lazebnik, Cold Spring Harbor, Cell Death
in the cell free system
2.  Robert Chow NYU Skirball), FGF suppresses apoptosis
and induces differentiation of fiber cells in the mouse lens

To help plan for pizza call lab of Dr. Zahra Zakeri,
718:  997-3429 and let them know the number coming for pizza,
talk, and if you need parking.  Please RSVP by 5/29/95.

Organizers:  Zahra Zakeri, Fax 718:  997-3445 Phone 718:  997-3417
Raymond Birge:  Fax 212 327-7943; Phone 212: 327-7412

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