Centenarian Project

Julian Assange proff at suburbia.apana.org.au
Sun May 21 04:52:27 EST 1995

Leonid A.Gavrilov (aging at ilr.rc.ac.ru) wrote:

: May 14, 1995

: Dear Colleagues,

:    As a result of 3 years of hard work of our gerontology research group
: at Moscow State University, we have created a unique genealogical
: library that consists of more than 300 genealogical and biographical
: publications and information on longevity of more than 500,000 persons
: ever lived in Russia.


I'm a unix/c/c++ computer programmer. I have no special knowledge of genetics
or aging, but read eclectically. Programming wise, my strengths lay in security,
cryptography and tcp/ip (inter)networking. I'm willing to donate a minimum of
36 hours of my time (typically valued at $160 p/h) to your project. The only
condition is that I have free access to the database afterwards.

	Julian Assange.

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