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> I just figured the contributors had discovered the secrets to longevity 
> and decided to keep mum about it until they could protect their 
> investments. 
> There's hundreds of billions of dollars at stake here.

As I've pointed out before in '', more than just
billions. We are talking about altering the fundamental parameters of
*all* existing human societies. 

> Then, again, what if you and a small group of you friends found physical 
> immortality?  Would you go out and try to convert a world of skeptics?

Good question. Since the only way to convert a world of skeptics would
take some time (several decades, or more, I suppose) there'd really be no
point in trying. Also, given just a modicum of paranoia, it wouldn't be
hard to see how a person or persons with a healthy survival instinct would
indeed refrain from letting it be known what they've discovered. Wouldn't
you? ;-)



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