bob chapel bchapel at eideti.com
Sun Oct 1 02:03:00 EST 1995

Chris-You might want to take a look at the book by Ward Dean and John 
Morgenthaler "Smart Drugs and Nutrients" it contains a chapter on DHEA 
and discusses it's many demonstrated and anecdotal uses(weight loss, 
attenuation of alzheimers,anti-tumor,anti-aging,anti-cancer effects.  It 
has received positive evaluations in reputable medical journals (eg 
Lancet 1989,2(8670)pp.1048-9 "Dehydroepiandrosterone and alzheimers 
disease"  )  It's use in humans is considered very experimental and ,not 
surprisingly,it is rather controversial. Those who do use it are very 
strongly advised to get regular assays and to d/c it's use when their 
blood levels return to that of a normal 20yo.  Hope this helps. If you 
find anything of interest do return the favor as I too am interested.
Bob Chapel,MSW,RN (USA)

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