For those who tried to e-mail me, please read this.

Angelo Schouten d_quale at
Wed Oct 4 10:18:40 EST 1995

My internet provider dds (my e-mail account and so on) experienced a disk 
failure last weekend. This means that the server erased some of my accumulated 
e-mail messages (I was "gone" too). However I did have a peep with ftp 
beforehand, but unfortunately I did not store any of your questions or 
suggestions to me. But I do remember a lot of interesting persons [*] who at 
least caught my immediate attention.

Since I nearly always answer e-mail (I am that nice) I would ask those 
concerned ("missing in action") kindly to e-mail me again. If you did receive 
my personal reply this day on (Sept 4th), then your messages were not 
corrupted. Sorry to bother you that way. The network provider works fine 

Yours truly,

Angelo Schouten (Chem/Phys/
d_quale at

[*] some of the topics I recall: EPR/ESR -DNA bases (in Nederlands), Vitamine 
B12, Eggs, ...

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