melatonin safety

Mark A. McWilliams mmcwilli at USIBR01.USI.EDU
Tue Oct 10 20:03:22 EST 1995

To whom it may concern,

     I was looking for someone to correspond to about questions I had 
about melatonin.   The questions I had are: How is melatonin supplements  
produced?  I've been reading various books and articles on melatonin and 
I've discovered something very shocking.  Melatonin is a by-product of 
the amino acid tryptophan, right!   The supplement tryptophan has been 
banned do to bad side effects produced by making synthetic tryptophan.  
What if they made melatonin out of synthetically produced tryptophan?  
Would that pose a health hazard?  Just wondering.

Please send response to:mmcwilli at  

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