UK Government Agency Bans Melatonin

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Sat Oct 14 05:31:07 EST 1995

The UK government is spawning "Agencies" at an alarming rate. These 
agencies have alarming powers, sometimes even in excess of those of the 
traditional police, judiciary or legislature.

The latest story to emerge in Saturday's "Finanical Times" is that the 
Medicines Control Agency has issued a fiat to all retailers that they 
must cease selling Melatonin within 14 days.

Even the USA's draconican FDA has not taken such a step, the paper 

The agency admits that it has no evidence that Melatonin is unsafe, but 
has simply declared it to be a medicine and that it requires the usual 
run of expensive and time consuming tests before it can be offered to 
the public for consumption. Most suppliers are expected to comply 
as they can't risk entanglement with such dangerous people as the MCA. 
No suppliers will submit the hormone to be tested as the high cost 
cannot be recovered from sales as it is unpatentable.

Earthforce, of Belfast, told the FT that it will sell it my mail from 
the United States.

It would be difficult to enfoce a ban on using Melatonin, as this 
hormone is naturally present in every human body. Declare it illegal, 
and the entire population would have to be imprisoned, including the 
MCA staff.

The FT said that the MCA were concerned at suggestions that Melatonin 
may be extending maximum lifespan. Consumption has increased 
substantially following the publiation of books and magazine articles. 
I suggest it is possible that the UK government are concered as to the 
pension and elderly care implications if maximum lifespan is extended 
without any comparable extension of good health.

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