Oxidative stress as a cause for ageing

Thorsten Jabs thorsten.jabs at medew.fyto.wau.nl
Sun Sep 24 11:44:10 EST 1995

Jorge Braz <qjpcbraz at cc.fc.ul.pt> wrote:
>	I am looking for any information about the reactions of oxygen 
>radicals (o2.-, HO., O1, H2O2) with the DNA bases especially the rate 
>constants and the products percentages of this reactions.
>			 Jorge Braz
Hi Jorge,

could you please forward your results to me.

Thanks a lot,


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Plant-pathogen interactions; signal perception and transduction; 
oxidative burst; systemic acquired resistance; hypersensitive cell death: 
OML means Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Light

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