Oxidative stress as a cause for ageing

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Mon Sep 25 19:03:46 EST 1995

I just read about oxidative DNA damage in "DNA Repair and Mutagenesis" by
E. Friedberg, G. Walker, and W. Siede, 1995, ASM Press.  Below are a few
of the references cited in this book.

Damage to the DNA bases in mammalian chromatin by hydrogen peroxide in the
presence of ferric and cupric ions.  Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 285:317-324,

Toxic DNA damage by hydrogen peroxide through the Fenton rxn in vivo & in
vitro.  Science 240:1302-1309.

Sites & thermodynamic quantities assoc. w/proton & metal ion interaction
w/RNA, DNA, and their bases, nucleosides, and nucleotides. Chem Rev.

Oxidative damage to DNA in mamm. chromatin  Mutat. Res 275:331-342.

DNA ox damage: Its mech. & measurement in mamm. systems FEBS Lett.

Hope this Helps

Laura Custer, Graduate Student
Chemistry Dept.
The American University
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