Cure AGE and AIDS

Don Ashley dashley at TENET.EDU
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Appropriate Humor Follows:

On Thu, 11 Apr 1996, J. Philip Miller wrote:

>  dashley at (Don Ashley) writes:
> > 
> > This sounds like AIDS.  Curing AIDS and AGE have common objectives.
> > AIDS gets more publicity and support from the media, however, as well as 
> > from the general public.    Why is that?   Why is there so much more hype 
> > about AIDS than AGE?  AIDS just works a few years quicker.  
> > 
> Ah yes, I can see it now!  we have a new public health problem - please do not
> share body fluids with anyone with AGE - you might AGE yourself!  Let us not
> let any folks with AGE give blood -- if you receive such blood you might AGE
> yourself!

Thanks for the humor.  It's really good and I think I'll use it in my talks.

> There are lots of lobbying groups in the US who push for funds for AGE
> research now, some say they are even more effective than the AIDS folks, but
> it wouldn't hurt to have more!

If you know of any groups lobbying for AGE research, please let us know.
AGE research would be to STOP the AGEING process; that is the process 
that causes our eyes to develop presbyopia and our skin to become more 
brittle.  There are hundreds of groups that promote vitamins and 
longevity products to extend life a few years, but that is not the same 
as stopping aging. 

Curing the Old Age Disease Society is one group that exists to generate 
funding for research to stop the aging process.  Please list others.

Don Ashley

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