UNESCO Conference on Ageing

Suresh Rattan rattan at kemi.aau.dk
Wed Apr 24 05:15:10 EST 1996

It was nice reading a short report of a recent meeting on ageing held in
Paris. There is going to be another big meeting in Paris from June 17 to
20th 1996. This UNESCO sponsered meeting is called ADDING LIFE TO YEARS.
According to their advertisement in Nature and their posters:
The aim of the conference is to develop an integrated approach to the study
of ageing in which biology, psychology, sociology, nutrition, biomedical
interventions and health care are all to be considered in the following
major sections:
1. Cultural, social and biological construction of the ageing phenomenon.
2. Loss and gain in ageing.
3. Interventions.
4. Future scenerio.

Some of the invited speakers include (in addition to myself speaking on the
"Past, Present and Future of Anti-Ageing Research"), Austad, Birren, Bohr,
Brody, Campisi, Delmas, Harley, Johnson, Kitani, Kirkwood, Lakatta,
Linnane, Martin, Zs-Nagy, Rabbit, Remacle, Schneider, Seeman, Shall, Swane,
Vaupel, Williams, Wise and Yagi.

This meeting is open to a maximum of 300 participants.
No special forms for registration. For further information contact:
the Chairman:
Professor Brian F.C. Clark (Aarhus/Denmark)
Phone: +45 8942 3924; Fax: +45 8619 6199; e-mail: clark at biobase.dk

the Secretary:
Professor Giorgio Bernardi (Paris/France)
Phone: +33 1 4427 8172; Fax: +33 1 4427 7977

Dr. Suresh I.S. Rattan, PhD; DSc
Laboratory of Cellular Ageing
Department of Chemistry
Aarhus University
DK-8000 Aarhus-C,

(Phone: +45 8942 3956; Fax: +45 8619 6199)

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