New FDA Study on Melatonin??

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Wed Apr 24 09:26:40 EST 1996

Rockit (thomass at wrote:
> A pharmacist told me that the FDA has published a new study which is
> highly critical of Melatonin.

> Does anyone have any information regarding that study or its conclusions?

> Thanks....

> thomass at
I read in 1993 that there were more than 15,000 published studies on
melatonin.  Apparently, it's a favorite grad student project.  I don't
think the FDA can legitimatly come up with a study critical of
melatonin.  I've been taking melatonin for several years with no
ill-effects.  I take at least 10mg/night and have experimented with
doses as high as 200mg/night with no effects.  My marathon and
ultra-marathon times have stayed the same no matter the dosage.

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