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Heart disease (atherosclerosis) is very profound in Werner's patients.  Other
symptoms, such as scleroderma (thickening of the skin) is not shared with
normal aging.

Date: 4/24/96 2:14 PM
From: Jason Taylor
I (theoblit at wam.umd.edu) wrote:
: traditional symptoms of aging except heart disease and Alzheimer's
: show up in these patients, so obviously if this one mutation's primary
: effect is to increase radicals [which it is, via messing up Cu
: metabolism] then radicals cause aging.  But this argument doesn't need
That should of read:
                   aging must be a simple function of the ROS levels

(Without gas pedals, cars would not operate, but that does not
necessarily imply that gas pedals, rather than engines, power cars.)
Sorry for the error.  --Jason

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