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Don Ashley dashley at TENET.EDU
Fri Apr 26 22:08:15 EST 1996

> : >
> : >The front of the Wall Street Journal had a blurb to the effect that 
> : >researchers discovered the gene that causes Werner's syndrome, a disease 
> : >marked by premature ageing, that it boosts insights into normal aging, and 
> : >that the results are published in Science. 

> snip ..... its nice
> that the WSJ has someone who cares about aging because it suggests
> that finding startup money for an R&D aging company might not be such


So when are you going to offer Geron to the public so we can jump on the 
money wagon are share in the billions you will get when you breakthrough 
with your aging research?   WSJ has widened the door for you?

The rest of us could follow up the WSJ article with letters to the author 
encouraging him to write more about the subject and that we are 
interested in his keen journalism.  Thus generating more support and more 
capital for research, not only venture capital but gov't and foundation 

Sending copies of the WSJ article to legislators and corporate biotech 
firms as well as biomed research university administrators may stimulate 

Don Ashley

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