Fighting Cellular Deteriation Crap

Angelo Schouten PhD Chem a.schouten at
Thu Aug 8 06:27:42 EST 1996

Wayne Corbett wrote:
> "REVENOL 60+OPCs"[snip commercial crap]
> Wayne Corbett, 70004,2761 at

Wayne, this newsgroup is not for advertising. It must be clear to you 
that advertising costs money. So pay for it accordingly. And considering 
the public in Usenet you want to reach, the fees must be enormous and 
your firm becomes ... bankrupt. Anyway your ad is stupidious and a 
blatant insult to usenet. 

> Life is a school for the soul

It is very obvious that you´ve been never to school
The next time I will report you to the Black list of the Internet, the 
result of which has to experienced by you only. Did I make myself clear?


Angelo Schouten

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