Different cells, Different mechanisms

Julio Karwoski 104754.445 at CompuServe.COM
Sat Aug 10 00:43:39 EST 1996

I agree with you that cell repair mechanisms have evolved through 
the ages.But it is my view that we are trying to bypass the long 
time it takes for nature to effect a change.for this to happen we 
must continue to search for a primary cause of cell aging.Some 
bright researchers are already giving us answers.The latest news 
I heard were from M.S. Kanungo, and dr.R.Holliday.they see the 
aging process as a faillure of maintenance of the cell.(all 
repair cell mechanisms are not perfect therefore, there is always 
a small error in dna transcription and replication which is not 
corrected by dna polymerase or methylase.resulting in increasing 
demethylation of dna.this would lead to infidelity of replication 
and unwanted genetic expression, there is mounting evidence for 
this mechanism.
cordially,J Karwoski

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