primary cause of cell aging respons

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<Iam indeed interested in the specifics....
Here are some of the articles I promissed:
-R.Holliday:"Gene silencingin mammalian cells by uptake of 
5-methyl...."Somatic cell and mol. genetics, vol 17,no.6,1991 
pp537-542 and 543-550
-Mary B. Porter, James R.smith: "Role of  endogenous 
proteins as negative growth modulators during in vitro 
ageing"Annu. review of gerontology and geriatrics1990,10(1)53-70
(they are from the Baylor college of medicine in Texas)
-Craig A.Cooney:"Are somatic cells inherently deficient in 
methylation metabolism?..."Growth dev. and aging,1993.57.261-273
-R. Holliday:"Toward a biological understanding of the ageing 
process"Perspective in biology and medicine,32,Autumn 1988.pp109
-A. Riggs: DNA methylation and cell memory,Cell 
Biophysics,vol15,1989.pp15-20 and pp1-15
-A Razin,et al:"dna methylation and genefunction"Science, 
vol210,7 Nov.1980
-two books: R. Holliday: "Understanding Ageing"
M.S Kanungo:Genes and aging"Cambridge"1994 ISBN 
0-521-38299-8. Good reading
cordially, J. Karwoski

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