Free Disease Biology Search Engine

Jules Berman jjberman at
Mon Aug 26 19:48:53 EST 1996

Pathology Informatics, Inc., invites 
health professionals to visit our new web site:

This is the location of our Lightning Hypertext of Disease search
engine, that performs simple Boolean searches on a database
composed of more than 21,000 information packets related to
pathology and disease biology.

All searches are free, and, at this time, there is no limit to
the number of permitted searches.

Readers of the bionet.molbio.ageing newsgroup might be interested
in searches using the term:
aging                  (NOT ageing)
or the term

Most medical phrases are included in the electronic index.

Warning: The search engine is written as a highly technical source of
information designed for health professionals and biologists, and
laymen will not find it a helpful source of information.

Sincerely,  Jules Berman, President, Pathology Informatics, Inc. 

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