DNA Base lesions

Chris Patil cpatil at itsa.ucsf.edu
Sat Feb 3 17:46:51 EST 1996

In article <Pine.SCO.3.91.960130142034.18814B-100000 at skull.cc.fc.ul.pt> Jorge Braz <qjpcbraz at cc.fc.ul.pt> writes:
>	Can anybody tell me where I can find any informations about rate 
>constants, mechanisms, product analysis or anything at all about DNA base 
>lesions by recative oxygen species?

I know that Kurt Randerath did extensive work on DNA base lesions and the 
change in the proportions of different lesions over the course of aging. 
I don't have cites, but it would be easy to do a search. The articles 
that I remember are pre-1991.

Hope this helps!

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