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Sun Feb 4 17:20:33 EST 1996

Is anyone familiar with Galvin Greenoak's studies from which he
contends that "feeding time" (I call it chronoprandiology) is relevant to 
longevity in that his animals fed equivalent calories showed significant 
differences in aging parameters with the only dietary difference being
control group was ad lib. while intervention group received food only
between 8-12 am. ? What is particularly interesting to me about this
is the concept that so many of the calorie restriction studies were
done with a "one-meal-per-day" protocol (? anyone familiar with
others that spread the limited calories around?).  I'm familiar with
the "alternate-day feeding" protocol... but it strikes me now that
it may be possible to arrive at a reasonable ("do-able") diet for
humans with moderate calorie restriction (say less 20%) and modified
fasting (eating only betw 8-12 am) to arrive at the benefits associated
with more typical CR protocols (30-40% calories). Has anyone tried this...
longterm...???....on humans..????

JRGates, DHSc
Cornell Un Dept Nutr Sc

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