Melatonin update

H.O.van.den.Berg at H.O.van.den.Berg at
Mon Feb 5 16:08:32 EST 1996

Good to have you back Jo (anne?)

I wonder if you could let us have a peek at the mice again ?
I liked the sensible book, including the hints to
lift your own melatonin levels on a natural  way.
I've now seen claims that ALC's life extension properties
are simply an effect of ALC 's melatonin inducing capacities.

Are there any substances that one should not combine with
melatonin ? (alcohol, painkillers, etc.)

An explanation for the smart behaviour of the melatonin mice could
be that learning simply didn't stop. Normally learning stops after
1/4th of life, maybe this stop is induced by a fysical mechanism
(oxidation) that is slowed by Melatonin ?



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