Resistance To Immortality Concepts

Don Ashley dashley at TENET.EDU
Sun Feb 11 07:46:19 EST 1996

On Sat, 10 Feb 1996, David Soule wrote:
> In my own Opinion (STRESS on Opinion)
> Life is Not easy. This we all know.  But the only thing that keeps Me going, 
> is the fact that I know I have a limited time on this planet.  And not 
> knowing HOW long that is, makes me want to accomplish everything I can.
> If someone were to tell me I would live forever, I would probably become the 
> worst procrastinator of all time.  Take a decade vacation.  "I'll clean the 
> house in about oh, 5 years or so. No hurry! I'll be here awhile!" Etc.

The contemporary concept of immortality involves perpetual cell division 
and stopping the aging process.  This is not the same as living forever 
since there are other ways to pass that are not related to aging.

Procrastination is the last thing that happens when one actually
experiences the concept of living beyond the '80 year expectancy' into
200+ years.  In other words, when one can actually get into visualizing
and conceptualizing that we can live as long as we take care of our
bodies, one does not procrastinate.  It's just the opposite. 

Miraculously, one begins to appreciate each moment more than ever before.

It is liberating.  Many of our subconscious anxieties are related to the 
expectation of the end in just a few years. 
Remove that expectation temporarily, and new energy appears and compassion 
for other people magically envelopes our mentality.  People we have 
disregarded in the past become important as significant human beings.

By living with 'terminal expectancy,' that is, expecting to have no more 
than just 80 years, it is easy to become complacent and live a lifestyle 
that supports finality and uselessness or hopelessness.

If one can put aside 'terminal expectancy,' each moment builds for the 
future that we can keep and very little wasted time occurs. 

> (Smile)
> D.Soule
> Undergrad Junior, Molecular Bio/Pharmacology

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