Live shortening effects of sport

H.O.van.den.Berg at H.O.van.den.Berg at
Mon Feb 12 15:31:40 EST 1996

> After all, excercise must by itself be damaging, that is clear. But the 
> body rteceives the information that this damage is taking place and 
> corrects it, indeed overcorrects it in some aspects by strengthening muscle 
> and bone. The actual strengthening of muscle and bone are chemical not 
> mechanical processes, and they are initiated by the *information* that 
> excercise is taking place. If we can fool the body into beleiving that 
> excercise is taking place when it isn't, then we have the benefits without 
> the mechanical wear. 
Brilliant thought. Should be possible. 

Still, I'd like to discuss the possibility that lean muscle
tissue itself could be life shortening; simply by burning more

This might be a reason for the CR succes if started in early
youth (less muscle tissue) and a reason for women outliving men.



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