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Mon Feb 12 15:56:52 EST 1996

jor at (Jo Robinson) wrote:
> 	** A local news channel just took about 15 minutes of broadcast quality
> video of the mice -- the mice performed admirably.  In every instance, the
> melatonin mice were ahead of the others.  I've asked for a copy of the
> tape, and if I get one, I'd be happy to copy the tape for others at my
> cost. 
That would be great!
> 	As for combining melatonin with alcohol, I must admit I've done it
> a time or two -- only at night. 

Yes, it happened to me as well...

 I noticed no additive effect.  I actually 
> like to think that the melatonin is helping protect my liver from alcohol-
> generated free radical damage.  Reiter, my coauthor, has shown that
> melatonin can prevent alcohol-induced ulcers in the rat stomach --
> presumably by scavanging free radicals.

I'm not sure about this one, doesn't the liver use free radicals
to get rid of the alcohol ?

(On learning mice:)

> 	** I think that's a real possibility.  ONe of the reasons I'm doing
> this pilot study is that I want to test the intelligence and learning behavior
> of the mice.  I had no idea that a behavioral/cognitive difference would be
> obvious.  My theory is the same as yours -- melatonin is having a neuro-
> protective effect, delaying the age-related erosion of brain cells.

Is there any clear way to measure there mIceQ ? 

 But the
> mice also seem a bit more aggressive, so I'm wondering about the effect
>  melatonin is having on estrogen or testosterone production.  (In male rats,
>  chronic administrationof melatonin has been shown to prevent the age-related
>  decline in T.)  [NeuroReport 1995 6:785-88.]

This could also be good news. However, its a bit frightning to
see tons of people that don't even want hormone treated meat use
melatonin night after night.

Some things are easier believed than others. Anyway; any new studies
or findings ? How about the strain of mice that "alledgedly" don't
even produce melatonin at all ?  Why can we easily neglect the
study where a strain of mice's lifes were shortened by Melotonin ?

Cheers & regards,

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