Live shortening effects of sport

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>>Still, I want to believe moderate exercise is beneficial.
>>Lou Pagnucco
>I tend to believe that these two groups may not be a good
>criteria...Kenneth Cooper addressess this stuff in terms of 'free
>radicals' and is a very powerful voice for the use of anti-oxidants in
>conjunction with moderate aerobic excercise. In my own mind, I would
>never cease running, because I know for certain, thast had I not become
>a runner and changed my life style, and physical health, I would have
>been dead by now. So, I use Pyncogenol, ginsana, kh3, vit E, C, A, and
>other anti-oxidants several times a day.
What qualifies as 'moderate aerobic exercise?'  When I'm in good condition,
which is in the late fall and spring, I usually stamp out about six miles
a day, two days on, one day off, in about forty minutes, maybe a little
less.  I wouldn't want to give this up, as when I am in condition, I feel
a _lot_ better:  I only need one cup of coffee in the morning, I go to
sleep more quickly, etc.  I've also been thinking about taking up resis-
tance exercise again.  Would the program I am describing be considered
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